As you’re reading this I’m on my very last workshop city (in the Middle East and South Asian Workshop Tour) heading to… Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After delivering these workshops to seven countries, girl, here’s the thought patterns of my female audiences:

Am I serving the RIGHT niche?

Would people purchase what I have?

Will the market pay for it?

Am I good enough?

Here’s the deal – you’re passionate about what you do AND you LOVE it!

Heck, you’re an expert in what you do BUT sales and marketing… you wish you just didn’t have to do any of it…

Getting your message to land with the very people that need what you have and want to work with you – that’s an EVEN BIGGER challenge.

That’s what’s having you second guess your work and worse, undermine your confidence.

I feel you, because I was you.

But here’s the truth, any sales or marketing ONLY works to the level of your own conviction and confidence in your work and yourself.

Your clients are looking for that conviction and confidence in you – because that’s WHY they hire you (yes, really!)

They are craving YOUR leadership in what you’re offering.

THEN when you work on your message, that’s when it lands with your prospects, not because you deployed a short-term sales or marketing tactic.

Sales and marketing… only works to the extent when YOU stand IN YOUR POWER.

What’s keeping you from YOUR POWER in regards to your business… IS the story you keep telling yourself about why you don’t have power…

You constantly ask yourself:

“Am I doing the right thing?”

“Should I do something different?”

“I feel confused and stuck.”

It can ALL be true, BUT nonetheless, girl, it’s THAT story that prevents you from stepping into the FULL expression of YOU.

Real AUTHORITY, standing IN YOUR power is an *inside* job.

It doesn’t come from…

Writing a book.

Getting featured in the news.

Raising your fees.

Putting up another stall at a festival.

Another certification.

Or any of the other manufactured ways folks try to gain “expert” status.

Your power, your authority is something you first give to yourself, through your daily story.

You can’t stand in your power, unless you see your power.

THAT’S when your clients and prospects will reflect it back to you.

Big Love,