“Income seldom exceeds personal development. ”

- Jim Rohn

Why Unbox Your Gift?

  • 1. We’ve all been given a gift, what we do with it is out gift back to the world. We’re passionate about helping YOU find your passion your gift – that which is uniquely yours. And not just find it but how to identify your passion, but how to unravel what it is for you, un- box it – so its not a clone – your fit is not ones size fits all, that’s why we un-box it.
  • 2. We’re not for everyone – this is for people who are eager to find their passion.
  • 3. To help you find your passion we offer an online bootcamp, workshops, VIP Days to help you find yours
  • 4. We also provide certifications that allows others to become certified to help others find a clear path to their passion.
  • 5. You might be a parent, aunty, a counsellor, a coach, consultant a healer or someone who wants to learn for themselves HOW to help others find their passion..High Five to that
  • 6. I started unbox your gift  – because I felt I had more to add in the world but I felt stuck and frustated not knowing what I was good at. Going on a holiday or doing another course/degree is what I saw others doing to find their passion but I knew they were just temporary solutions because they would come back after the holiday knowing for sure (more determined) that they needed things to change BUT still didn’t know how,or which direction…still seeking their passion.
  • 7.Those who studied another degree / course were hoping that the new degree or course  was going to be the ONE – their passion but they would have to wait four, five years later to finish the course and thousands of dollars later when they finished the degree to see if this is really what they wanted to do.
  • 8. I created programs for orgnaisations and companies – I created unbox your gift as a solution to find your true passion.
  • 9. Remember as you evolve as a person so too will your passion
  • 10. Most people don’t know what they want to do because its been buried so deep, we take you through step by step process on how to find your passion and go from confused to finally clear.
  • 11. I hope I get the honour of meeting you soon at an upcoming workshop or program to help you find your clear path to your passion.

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