THE BIGGEST flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere is on in Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺, called, Floriade 🌺 🌹 🌸

“So what”?

Here’s why it actually has a lot to do with you

Now these names mean nothing to you –  Christiaan Slotemaker de Bruine a Landscape Architect and Peter Sutton a Holticulturist.

They’re not a fancy pants celebrity but 19 years ago, together, they created this vision that’s now known as Floriade.

Two men, who followed their passion of creating a flower display where hundreds and thousands of people nationally and internationally come to find joy, family time, nature, love and beauty ALL because they wanted to give what they loved (their passion)

What this means for you

​Now both these men didn’t know that the festival would still be going they just wanted to do what they loved best  – landscaping  – BUT because they sought to bring their passion to life – just following it  – Floriade has allowed the government in Canberra to generate $40 million from this event (in 2013, alone).

This festival gives a platform for artists, comedians, small business owners, eateries and a HUGE boom in the economy for Canberra – AND all because 2 guys who loved landscaping and horticulture (their passion).

Christiaan and Peter


So I’m at Night Fest two nights ago, (which is the Floride festival but in the evening all the flower beds lit up) and YES its beautiful, families are loving time together, kids with their mums and dads mesmerised by the lights planted between the flower beds, its a healthy activity for the whole family…


BUT what stood out as I was walking was that all this happiness, joy, business boom, artists doing their ‘thang’ was because of two regular guys, Christiaan and Peter.


These guys simply had a love for nature – they delivered it, and now from families to artists to small business owners to Canberra’s economy, they all benefit (even years later) simply because they followed their passion.


Walt Disney


It reminds of Walt Disney who died before Epcot (Disney World) was opened. A reporter approached Roy Disney (Walt Disney’s brother) and said:


“this must be a bitter-sweet day because Walt never got to see this” (meaning Disney world).


Roy responded:


“Walt saw this, that’s why you’re seeing it”.


Moral of the Story: Following our passion  – its not just the difference it makes for us but when we deliver our passion, it gives permission and even the gateway for others to fulfil theirs, whether in our lifetime or beyond.


Hoping that plants (and nurtures) the seed of your Floriade.


With Love,

Rita 🙂

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