In high school I was a CHANGE MAKER.
I questioned HOW the school operated
I spoke my truth.
I stood up for myself.
I refused to blindly conform with the curriculum and so I had meetings with the Deputy Principal to change things.
That made me unpopular with the deputy, teachers and friends that couldn’t understand why I would do what I do.
But it didn’t faze me because I trusted myself and the changes I proposed to the school implicitly.
My self-respect and belief in my requests were unwavering and I really gave zero time or thought to others’ mere opinions.
I put in requests to the school to have not one BUT two work experiences:
one in grade 10 and another in grade 11.
The school was against it.
But, they eventually said yes.
In grade 10. – I did work experience as a dentist – after that experience I KNEW I NEVER WANTED to be a dentist.
Then, in grade 11  – I did work experience at a law firm  – and things changed.
I thought, I would love it.
I didn’t.
I forced myself to at least like it and in doing that, I broke that trust with myself when I realised I was scolding myself for not liking it because law or science was the field that school and society said mattered.
But clearly, at the time, I KNEW, neither was for me.
Good news is I didn’t last even ONE day at that firm  – by afternoon I walked away.
I KNEW exactly what I wanted – and that wasn’t it!
Bad news is when the school term started again, I got sucked back into the curriculum of school.
Striving for something I knew wasn’t for me, I trusted school, the teachers, the school system MORE than I trusted my own inner knowing.
That mistake, in and of itself, was not fatal.
But DOUBTING my inner knowing was.
Because from that point on, I developed a pattern of second guessing myself, doubting, not trusting myself.
And I chose to do what everyone else did and ignore my inner knowing and
played real safe.
The self-sabotage didn’t end there.
See, I carried it into my chosen passion, my business and failed.
Before I [finally!] woke up and remembered to TRUST MYSELF …IMPLICITLY.
Now I run an international business.
And it’s growing by leaps and bounds, so watch out for my emails.
I do still question my thoughts, feelings and actions.
But these days doing so comes from my desire to learn and grow vs. an unconscious attempt to undermine and doubt myself.
That’s imperative since the core of my work is about helping my clients disrupt the thought patterns that have kept them playing small for far too long…
And guiding these GO-GETTERS back to their truth, so they can remember to…
Because while there are lots of other mentors who can also show you how to blog, write, network, study another certification, build a list etc.
Most fail to understand, let alone know how to guide their clients on this critical piece of trusting one’s inner knowing…
This is why you and SO many other ridiculously talented and smart women are not making the impact, influence and income they KNOW they’re capable.
Or why you’re still hiding behind your genius.
Or why you’re not wanting to shine the spotlight on yourself and your work.
Or why you go from one marketing and sales strategy to another.
BUT, when you have the RIGHT person [yes, I’m now accepting applications now that my tour is complete ] helping you spot and move through your UNCONSCIOUS resistance to deliver your transformational work with marketing that moves you.
Can you imagine what that would mean to your confidence, your impact, influence and income with delivering THAT work that brings YOUR genius to life.
Standing IN your Power.
Then, trust yourself, woman. And schedule a free call with me.
You got this!