Before I teach my clients ANYTHING NEW I always experiment on myself, once I see results I then teach it.

My Middle East and South Asian Workshop Tour, I was actually experimenting with speaking to different audiences in different countries.

SO whether you’re wanting to attract clients with your expertise at a local event or you’re planning on a working holiday, vacation and you want to optimise your time in a new country/ city and you want to gain clients – I got ya covered. 

Fresh off the plane I’m delivering an online training on:

How to Gain Clarity, Gain Confidence and Clients in ONE talk – with the work you LOVE to do (Even when you’re on holidays)!


Let me explain.

My international tour this year came about because I was on holidays in New Zealand last year (for 5 days) and as I checked into the hotel and started unpacking, I thought, why not deliver my signature talk, in NZ ……?

Nervous and Excited (with a capital “E”), I found a speaking gig (somewhere to speak – that afternoon, without a virtual assistant)

I delivered my signature talk (I had 5 minutes… yes you can even deliver it in 5 minutes)…

I made an offer to join me at a workshop (that I did not have…remember I was on holidays :), filled it, and I thought….

If I can travel and do that in New Zealand  – I wonder how it would go in other countries and cultures….

And so the international workshop tour this year was born, baby.

I’m putting together a training to go #BehindTheScenes (also the name of my Facebook LIVE channel 🙂

So on Thursday 26th 7pm (Sydney time), here’s just a sample of what I’m going to cover in this jam packed training:

  • How to Connect, Captivate and Convert (without feeling pushy) in a talk / presentation
  • Why most smart coaches/ experts don’t know how to make offers 
  • How to create an offer that INSPIRES action (even if you only have 5 min)
  • What high paying clients REALLY invest in
  •   How to eradicate your prospects excuses DURING your actual talk (this is HUGE)
  •  Why you can charge premium fees even if no one knows you (and really serve your clients deeply)
  • ​​​​​​​How to overcome the FEAR of making a mistake and stepping OUT – as  the ambassador and go-to-person of YOUR WORK, anytime you speak!
Just Click Here and learn to attract clients whether at your local event or internationally, in ONE talk.
Excited (with a capital “E”)..see you then!
Rita 🙂
P.S (technology permitting) Im going to be recording this training but you’ll only be able to access the recording if you register Click Here.