So you’ve set up a business as either a solopreneur, coach, consultant or a service provider (you provide a a particular service) or you might have a practice set up as a small business owner. When I have asked service providers how they generate leads they always tell me that they use a 1:1 model such as networking, cold calling, advertising, having a website, referrals, having business cards, posting on social media etc. Can you relate?

I know I can, those are some of the ways I started my business as well. I tried them and I got very little activity in my business, and it was just taking longer than i expected. And so I thought…..’there has to be a better way”

I wanted a way to generate leads and clients not just 1:1 BUT 1:many.

And so I took a leap of faith, crafted a presentation that gave loads of value and positioned an invitation to my audience to do further work with me. And guess what, the first time I did this I got 2 clients, the second time another 2 clients and then the third time I did this, there was 16 people in the room and I generated 11 clients in a 30 minute talk!

I was hooked!

Nothing I had ever done compared, plus by using this speaking model which I call the speaking success system™ (that allowed me to get 11 clients in 30 minutes) I established my credibility, generated leads, clients and sales PLUS leveraged my time ….1 to many.

So if you, dear reader, are looking to leverage your networking activities, gain more leads (that can become clients), gain authority and credibility in your market PLUS not just make a difference but make a big fat difference, (the only time a woman wants to associate with the word ‘fat’ about herself is when its being used in the context of making a difference :), and the best way to do that is to use…….drum roll…. Speaking.

But not just any kind speaking, not an information session, not a self promotion pitch, not a keynote and not an education session, they’re all great ways to inspire.

But when you’re in business you want to inspire your audience to take action with you i.e. to take the next step with in the capacity your work provides e.g. coaching, consulting etc.

Check out the difference between an everyday info session to a signature talk below.
Normal Speech/Information Session

Instant credibility


Increased reach



Signature Speaking Success Model

Instant Credibility


Increased reach


Quick and easy to get into business
Leverage your reach
Covert leads to clients
Actionable Content
Creates transformation for your audience
Inspires your audience to take action with you

As you can see with the benefits of a signature talk totally outweigh an everyday talk PLUS it gets you and your business out there to gain leads, add tangible value to your audience (your market) and convert leads into clients.

So what are the specific pieces that a signature talk promises?

You need to follow the receipe, the system that makes up a signature talk.

Here are the 7 ingredients for the signature speaking success system so you can gain the added benefits of leads and clients and leverage your time:

1 – Connect with the audience and position the journey they’re about to take with you

2 Create Actionable Content

3- Solve a problem for the audience

4- Add the Secret Sauce

5 -Create/Identify the gap

6- Make The Offer Transformational for them

7 -Invite Action

So those are the steps you will need to take to craft a talk for your service based business.

You now know the difference between a signature talk and all others and the steps to crafting a signature talk. But if you would like to dive into how the process works and get clear on your messaging and packaging your services so that you can gain leads, clients and sales when speaking……here’s what to do…..

Go to:

and register for a half day workshop on the signature speaking success system™ and learn how to invite potential clients to work with you, in a 1:many model leveraging your time, generating leads, clients and sales PLUS establishing your credibility and authority …..ALL in a single talk.

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I hope to see you there ?