“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

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The Passion Finder Bootcamp

This is for you if you’re at cross-roads, frustrated or feeling stuck in your job or career. You know you have more potential to tap into but you don’t know how to access it and you want to learn how to access what lights you up, you want clarity…. You want to learn how to find your passion…and you want the confidence to make it happen.

This is a step by step online program that will help you find your passion in the comfort of your own screen.

That’s incredible considering how much, time, money and effort college or university costs and you’re still don’t know your passion event after at least $20K in college/university fees.

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Condense 6 months into 6 hours. A VIP Day is for you if you are stuck on a specific problem and need a solution fast. It’s intense and jam packed, so get results ready.

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Diamond Elite

Move from goals to real results. This is a transformational 12 month private coaching and mentoring program with Rita. Rita takes on limited number of private clients every year. If you are committed to making your difference, maximising your impact and ready to make it happen, enquire about the Diamond Elite Private Coaching Program by clicking the Enquire Now button below…

Monetise Your Passion Summit Series

Success leaves clues, these aren’t just clues they’re tried and tested steps that take the guesswork out so you can gain clarity on how to monetise your own passion.

These are 20 interviews from leading global experts talking about how they found their passion and monetised it so that you can follow their receipe and replicate these amazing results for yourself (score!)

And ALL the different ways it’s possible to monetise your passion! (Because it really isn’t a one size fits all)!

This is your opportunity to turn years of doubting, second- guessing, trial and error into months, days even hours of actionable proven steps you can implement immediately for success in your own life, career and business.

Stand on the shoulders of these giants, save time and money making mistakes on your own and get ready to Monetise Your Passion.

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