“The world is run by those who show up.”

- Ron Nehring


The Passion Finder™ Workshop


You’re at cross-roads, frustrated or feeling stuck in your job or career.

You know you have more potential to tap into but you don’t know how to access it and you want to learn how to access what lights you up, you want clarity to learn how to find your passion…and you want the steps on how to make it happen and be supported, LIVE.


This is a LIVE workshop where you will learn the steps that it takes to find your passion without looking at your resume and without wasting years of trial and error (moving job to job) trying to figure it out. Gain Clarity, Confidence and Create your own Contribution by finally finding your passion and making your difference with your God-given gift (even if you think you don’t have one).

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Various locations and dates | Investment $49

The Passion Finder™ 3 Day Event


If you’re at cross-roads, frustrated with your job or career if you know you have more potential to tap into but don’t know how to access it and you want to learn with others on the same journey as you, how to find your passion…without distraction (wasting time or looking back at your resume).


This is our premiere event. You’re busy….heck who isn’t, and there is so much distraction around you and you need to just focus and get to the real deal of your passion, no excuses, just laser focussed results. This is the event for you. 3 days of working on you and working out your passion. LIVE coaching, mentoring to get you to your passion and translate that into a dream job either in the workforce OR with your own business idea.

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17-19 Nov | TBA | Investment $1997

Passion Finder™ Certification


You want to help others who are stuck, frustrated and unhappy or at cross roads in their job/ career. You want a proven solid method of helping others to gain access to their gift/passion so you can help those who look to you for help and guidance.


The Passion Finder™ certification allows you to take the tools of the Passion Finder™ and help others find theirs.  You might be a Parent, Uncle, Aunt, Teacher, Counsellor, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, frankly anyone who wants to learn how to help others  – this will give you the skills, tools and know to help others as a Certified Passion Finder™ Facilitator to make a difference.

The Half Day Speaking Success System™ Workshop


You need to attract clients.

You need to attract multiple clients in one go (because you’re already stretched doing other things) and share your message and make the difference with your work.

You feel uneasy, not really confident to talk about your business/ work the transformation your provide, let alone generate clients when you communicate, (heck, you could use the help)!


You need to learn how to Generate Leads, Clients, Sales, Build Your Credibility and Leverage Your Time….In ONE Talk! The Half Day Speaking Success System™ Workshop is your jam. You need to be here to get confident and learn the steps on HOW to attract clients in ONE talk!

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Various locations and dates | Investment $49

Attract Clients in One Talk – The Speaking Success System™ Retreat


How do I attract clients? How can I attract multiple clients in one go and share my message and make the difference with my work?

You have a business or business idea and want to learn how to generate clients one to many, authentically, genuinely, without being pushy.

You’re not sure of your messaging, and if you do, you’re not sure how to communicate it AND you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from the sea of so many other people that do the same work as you and you sometimes feel like a fraud. Quite simply, you’re not sure how to get others interested in what you provide so they choose to come over and work with you.


This is a diamond opportunity.

This 3 day retreat is where we work together on a talk/ presentation that’s tailored for your business to attract clients. You come into this retreat with no or little messaging, no talk AND you walk out at the end of the 3 day retreat with your very own talk that will have you attracting clients, leverage your time and BE the difference with the work that you do EVEN though there’s a sea of people who does the same work as you.

In this space of ZERO distraction, you’ll learn to become the authority in what you do even though you may not have letters after your name or years and years of work experience behind you (and its cool if you do, its just not necessary).

This isn’t a listening retreat, where you take copious notes and THEN you have to force yourself to find the time to action what you learnt, instead, you’ll actually be doing the work so you’re ready on day 4 to go out and deliver your talk, have iron clad confidence in yourself and attract clients!

Attendance is by Application Only.

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Word on the street…

"Powerfully Engaging Rita’s workshop was powerfully engaging AND highlighted key areas that needed addressing in my marketing approach! I highly recommend Rita to professionals looking to effectively communicate their services."

Rahni Koturaj

“MOST INSPIRING. My session with RIta has proven MOST INSPIRING. It has also given me Lot’s to think about and given me new ideas. I look forward the next one!”

Craig Petroni

“How to do it right Personally i hate when people are pushy with sales. Rita showed me how to find, how to serve and how NOT to sell. ”

Metka Kosec

“ONE of the TOP 3 Trainings I’ve EVER DONE! I have recommended Rita’s course to people i know and they went. My advice to anybody considering the course is to take action and sign up! I will get more out of the training than I’m consciously aware of."

Word on the street…

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