If ever a report card, an exam, a test score OR someone (doctor, teacher, school)  stamped you with a label such as…. “dumb”, “trouble-maker”, “average”, “not good enough”, “autistic”, “learning disabled”, “below standard” etc. This video below is for you.


If you have children, nieces, nephews or know of children you care about, this is for you.

Importantly, if you feel troubled in your work (bored, let-down, have an annoying boss, an unjust colleague, doing a job for the sake of  a pay check  etc.)  this video is for you.


We all have a genius that’s God-given. Our role after being in the rat-race for so long and watching others take part in it, is to at least remember, that it exists and once let loose, (without all the rah, rah stereotypical motivation) life genuinely, is never the same.

In this video you’ll see how a mother, Kristine Barnett and her son Jacob have literally, and I mean literally  – UN-boxed their genius.


You’ll witness how Jacob labelled autistic, who the “EXPERTS” said would never be able to talk,  is on road to achieve a nobel prize…..oh and he’s only 15. And please don’t think “oh, lucky him, he was born a genius…good for him”.


Jacob is THE example that if we tap into that God-Given gift  – genius is all around, we’ve just gotta take part in finding ours, and when we do, we’re better equipped with helping those we love and understanding our purpose and role on the planet (because I’m sure. you’ll agree, it’s not spending time in traffic and being stuck in a ‘boxed’ cubicle day-in, day-out)


If you’re looking for something to spruce up your day, your week, your month ….even your life trajectory, listen to Kristine because your outlook, decisions and in turn actions can change to allow for the unearthing of your own God-given gift.






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