No News Really is Good News

One of the main reasons why I encourage people NOT to watch the news is because it plays with your head. It seeds all that’s negative in the world and plants it in our head. And once seeded and planted we then constantly water, nurture and fertilise that negativity by consciously and unconsciously thinking about those news stories, which keep us stuck, afraid and doubtful to make a move.

So when we build the courage to actually do what we were born to do, and then we watch or read the news, suddenly our courage shrivels up because the news said..”there are job cuts” or another “GFC” or a “downturn” etc.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing whats happening in our world is important BUT the news also has its own agenda (ratings, sponsorship, etc) and those things have a greater weighting than what’s really important in the world to broadcast.

Now, not only is the content of news troublesome but what’s more troubling is the negative language that is used in the news that we then adopt into our own everyday vocabulary and use to keep us feeling ‘stuck’.

The words we habitually use whether in our internal dialogue or out loud in conversation with others creates our reality of the world.

SO when you constantly hear GFC, slump, downturn, recession, depression, job cuts, unemployment, business’ going bust you unconsciously think about that (if not consciously) then get scared, doubtful and distressed, remain paralysed with fear and therefore find yourself stuck, worried and doubtful to stretch yourself and go after the next chapter in your life.

This isn’t exclusive to the news, hanging around friends, family or colleagues that are in a cycle of ‘stuck’ and hearing their stories of why they feel down will also affect you negatively.

You become what (the news) and who (colleagues, friends, family) you hang around with.

Do you need to hang around a different circle of people? In the case of family it may be a little tricky, so to get out of stuck and start building momentum towards courage and  confidence, here are 3 Simple Steps you can put to use immediately to get out of feeling ‘stuck’ and into Action.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Get out of feeling stuck.

1 ) Pay attention to the words you use

2) Write down the words/phrases that make you feel less than, defeated, indecisive, worried or stuck.

3) Replace the word (that pulls you and your mindset down) to a word or phrase that shatters the negativity and puts you in control. Because feeling stuck is a symptom of feeling out of control, so let’s get back in control.

Here are examples of getting back in control using words to move from Worrier (stuck) To Warrior:


Slump                                                                Solution

It’s a problem                                                Where’s the opportunity in this

I can’t                                                                  How can I

I don’t know how to….                               How can I find a way to ……….

Im scared to…                                               I’m about to stretch myself to learn and grow

If only                                                                 Next time

I don’t know what to do…                        What’s my outcome in this situation


The only way to know that this works is to give it a go

What are the words you say to yourself that keep you in a downward spiral or ones that stump your growth? Immediately next to that word/s write a word that is going to serve you.

Who or what are you with when you use disempowering words to describe your situation or that make you believe your stuck?

Write  down the answers to those questions.  And each time that disempowering word enters your thinking, replace it with the word that will empower and serve you.

You can take it one step further and also notice what are you watching or who are you hanging around that causes those disempowering thoughts.

Remember, your words influence your mind which therefore either prevent  or propel you to take serious action.

SO if you’re feeling stuck (the inability to know what to do or scared to make any move because it could be the wrong move) check your language patterns, because  that’s what’s placing you in a mode of feeling ‘stuck’ (inaction and indecision) and apply the 3 steps.


Who do you admire?

Listen and watch the use of words and language of the people you admire.

You’ll find the people you admire ALL use progressive language (like the examples in the list above), not because its the fashionable thing to do, BUT because they’ve made it a habit to train their mind to be in a state of progress, using words and language that give fuel to their next best move (their actions).

What words pull you back and  what can you replace those words with? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.