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Here’s the fact: Work harder on yourself than on your job said Jim Rohn and the fulfilment follows. As women WHEN we work from the inside out (discovering our  passion) rather than the outside in (what jobs/work is available out there that i can do) this gives us the confidence, character and ability to make the contributions we want our chosen passion to have.

If you have a thirst be as individual as your fingerprints and have a richly rewarding working life, the Unbox Your Gift Mentoring Program is a comprehensive, 8-week online program that shows you, step-by-step, how to discover your passion and identify the job/work that serves your passion.

If you’re looking to change jobs, change careers, embark on a new study path and you don’t want just any change BUT one that excites and nourishes your soul OR if you’re bored, you lack the motivation or know how to  find what you love to create an income stream from it AND you’re eager to save TIME on the guesswork of where to begin and GAIN support and confidence on HOW to make it happen.

Email: to be notified the moment we open up our next enrolment.