Lots  has happened in the past few week but most recently Shaun (my husband) and I have built a house, and I gotta say its a mammoth task (as if you already didn’t know). And this mammoth task can become mayhem if the process is not followed correctly.

I’m seeing the tradesmen going in and out of the house like the bricklayer, the painter, electrician, plumber , carpenter etc all of them are needed to make the house possible BUT not all of them are needed at the same time.

See, the plumber isn’t needed until the bricklayer lays the bricks and the carpenter can’t come till the painter has finished with the painting.

It’s all about following a sequence.

A process, as Shaun likes to call it.

Building a house requires following the process or sequence of what needs to happen in step 1 , step 2, step 3 etc  to make that house a reality, otherwise its total chaos. 

The same applies to the sequence/process of discovering your passion.

When  we waste time in a job for the sake of money or status or title our working life becomes drudgery, boring we live round and round in the rat race and it’s total chaos.

This week I’m giving you another look into training that i conducted for some private clients.

It explores the SEQUENCE/process of discovering your passion. 

In other words what’s the correct process of getting to your passion and when you understand how this sequence works, you’ll also get insight into your internal motivators.


You don’t wanna miss this one – it can save you a lot of tears, sweat and years.




What are your motivation triggers and where are you in your journey of discovering your passion. Please leave your comments below the video.