Have you ever wondered how AWEsome it would be to have your day job…your work actually make a real difference, even to just one other person? Of course you have.

Is it just an airy fairy dream?

 Is it possible?


Dr Ellis Jones a sociologist has a passion……how can citizens vote with their wallet, responsibly, ethically and justly.

This is how Dr Jones is working on his passion.

Dr Jones has compiled a website and book called Better World Shopper.

This book is a comprehensive and up-to date account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the globe.

When you make a purchase such as an airline ticket, clothes, shoes, chocolate etc. this book will tell you what you’re really spending your money on….companies that violate human rights, the environment, animal protection, social justice and community involvement or ones that don’t.

So when your making a purchase this book  guides the consumer (you and I) as to where our money is really going and how by being aware of the practices of these corporations that violate human rights etc, we can vote with out wallets for those companies that do provide ethical, fair  and sustaining products.

Here’s where the problem is according to Better World Shopper ( and I strongly agree)

Money is power. And wherever large amounts of money collect, so also new centers of power form. The latest historical manifestation of this is the modern corporation.
Make no mistake, these new power centers are not democracies. We don’t vote for the CEO’s or their policies (unless we are: rich enough to be significant shareholders, informed enough to know what’s going on, and compassionate enough to care about more than just personal profit), yet our destinies are increasingly in their hands.

Here’s a Brilliant Solution.

As citizens, we might vote once every 3 years in Australia, in other countries every 4 years, if at all.  As consumers, we vote every single day with our…money.

The average Australian household according to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) spent $69, 166 on general living costs. Think of it as casting 69, 166 votes a year on a world you want to live in.

Better World Shopper

Better World Shopper will tell you the best companies and the worst companies.

It will tell you the:


It will also inform you about the industries that you need to be watchful for and that make the most difference to people on the planet e.g. gasoline, banks, supermarkets and a whole lot more insight into what we are really buying into.

This is one of those examples of a person finding their passion/Gift and using it for the betterment of the world. Now, that’s purpose.

Do you want to contribute to a better world?

Get  a copy of Better World Shopper and/or for further information:


Here’s to the new found voting power of our wallets.