I recently went to a protest to serve one of my passions (social justice) and uphold my pledge to humanity  and turn up at a pro- Palestinian rally, protesting against the war being waged in Gaza and the mass genocide and killing currently taking place.
Now, why on earth am i telling you this…?
Because our passion/s that ultimately gives us our purpose(our meaning, our contribution to the world)  isn’t an on and off switch that we only use to only earn an income with. It’s ALOT more than that. 
In fact, if you think about it, the ultimate test of fulfilling ones purpose is how we as individuals can be of benefit to another person. 
When we can be of benefit to even just one other soul, that is true fulfilment, that is true peace and that is the real purpose of life.
How can we serve. Not just professionally but personally, emotionally and spiritually. 
Consider this saying: Being of service to others is the cure for depression.  Afroz Ali. 
Watch this quick video below (it happens to be a commercial (i know, crazy), but it  brought tears to my eyes) of how a small act of service  can create the greatest ripple effect in our community AND  better still,  how sincere service can align us with a purpose that we would never even dare think about.
What am I on about?
Watch the short video below (guaranteed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling.