The 3 +1  Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Nail Their Dream Job Or Find Their Passion / Gift Or Calling.


  • Mistake #1) Asking others what they should do.

This can sometimes work. Most of the time, not so much. Why? Because you are asking someone else to choose something for you, because you’re not sure. You are the only one that has experienced life through your own unique references and filters’, asking someone else what you’re good at is like rolling the dice. Don’t get me wrong this can work for some people (very few) just look at your colleagues as an example and see how happy they are because they asked a well meaning friend, neighbour, school counsellor or tutor what they should do. 

  • Mistake #2) Allowing yourself to be defined by your marks/ grades at school.

People choose a job and a career based on school marks.  Grading at school is one of the most limiting processes at school. Think about it, when you got a good mark in school you felt happy about yourself, but if you got a bad mark you felt pretty crummy. You cant make mistakes at school because if you do, you get a bad mark and get penalised by getting an overall low score or going to the bottom classes. Both Thomas Edison (inventor of the incandescent light bulb) and Abraham Lincoln (Former President of USA that abolished slavery) had very little schooling. How would the world be different if they relied on getting by and being dependent on test scores? Also, just because you get high marks doesn’t mean medicine or aeronautical engineering is what you should be doing. The test marks we received or didn’t receive in school or university have been a major dictator and limiter of what people do or don’t do with their life.

  • Mistake #3) Playing small because of prestige and status.

Some choose a profession to earn a title e.g. Senior Executive, Vice President…etc. to fulfil what is perceived by ‘others’ as being of a high status or prestigious. But if you don’t love what you do, how long can you quench your thirst by yearning for the praise and attention of others. To the outside world you make be perceived to be ‘successful’, but you know you have a God-given gift greater than a mere title or status, that is yearning, not needing BUT yearning to be unleashed. Playing small doesn’t allow you to show up big.

  • Mistake #4) Relying on social proof.

Ultimately what prevents us from pursuing a passionate working life is that we look at others and see what they’re doing (in psychology this is called Social Proof). We see that everyone else is stuck in the rat race, in work that they dislike/hate, or that they are tolerating at best, stuck paying off a mortgage or some other form of debt – chained to a job and  then we think, this must be normal.

But is normal what the majority of people do, even if they’re unsatisfied, frustrated, feeling stuck, unchallenged and numb?  I mean this is the place where we spend 2/3 of our lives and for the majority of people it brings up feeling of frustration. Looking for social proof in finding is therefore not the right place to seek you passion. Maya Angelou says “If you’re always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know how AMAZING you can be”. I rest my case.

Then where is the right place to look for your passion?


Can you relate to any of these mistakes? Do you have a mistake that you’re seeing happening? Love to hear your thoughts and comments below.